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Estate Planning

The estate planning process involves the preparing of essential documents providing for the distribution of the client's estate to the beneficiaries pursuant to law.


Trust Administration

Upon the decedents passing with a revocable trust, trust administration involves the holding and distribution of the decedents trust assets pursuant to the terms of the revocable trust and applicable to Virginia law.


Probate Administration

The court supervised administration of the decedent's estate as governed by the decedent's will and applicable Virginia probate law.

What is the Cost?

The philosophy at Babirak Carr, PC is to provide all of our clients with high quality legal advice at a realistic and competitive rate. Our estate planning services are done on a fixed fee basis that is determined during the first meeting. The fee is based on the complexity of the estate planning goals, number of documents, and types of documents needed.

An hourly fee arrangement can be used in the case of administering a trust or estate after the client passes and an hour fee arrangement is common when dealing with periodic reviews of existing estate plans, revisions and amendments of estate plans, or other extraordinary circumstances that need to be addressed or resolved.

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